how to use ormus?

Welcome to the miraculous world of Ormus where you create your own reality with direct connection to the Source, as you see it.

Instructions: Allow yourself to follow your inner guidance. Start where you are and progress from there.

Here is a basic guideline to ingesting Ormus:
For somebody new to high vibration and healing energy, 1 dropper full per day – ½ in the morning and ½ in the evening – for the first month.
Someone with some experience with energy, healing light and a moderately clean diet can start with 2 full droppers per day -one in the morning and one in the evening.

A person with more advanced experience in healing work or connection to high vibration with a clean diet can start with 2 full droppers in the morning and in the evening.

Important: If you are feeling sluggish or any other unusual physical symptoms, stop taking Ormus until you feel better. This is a highly transformative substance and your body is undergoing many changes by taking it. So be gentle and have fun!

A note: If you have any concerns about this product, please check with your metaphysical advisors or holistic practitioners before consuming this material, or call Walker for more information. If you do turn into a beam of light, we will not be held accountable!