Ormus Experience by Christine Emmons- Author of the book Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy

Hi Walker.
Thanks for initiating a blog on the Ormus material. There are many seekers searching for workable knowledge on the Ormus material. Thank you for assisting Ormus seekers in collecting useful information.

"...I first heard of Ormus on a radio program during February 2004. Barry Carter was explaining the function of the Ormus material in the body and theories about its properties. These included a mechanism of action thought to be tied to a “field of universal energy” that relates directly back to our physical form (our body.) What he said caught my attention and made me wonder if here may be answers to longstanding questions I carried in my head...." (Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy Primer of Ormus Collection Processes Reference Edition [ormusbook.com])

To search for answers to the questions l first read Barry Carters website (subtleenergies.com) and then joined the Yahoo Ormus forum he moderates. In the spring of 2004, I placed an order for an Ormus product that contained collected Ormus from dissolved sea salt. What I notice with the Ormus material is how I am able to stay in the “present moment” and the main feeling I experience now is how “all is OK.” I feel insights in my brain that open up new ways of looking at what is happening in my world and I find that I am not being judgmental with myself or others. There is even an undertone of a sort of mild happiness - because my personal experiences seem to consistently end with my being at peace. I also observe how feeling “upset” is not sustainable for a long period. (Snips from Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy)

I believe what I have experienced is an “enlightened” consciousness that allowed me to see things with clarity and I feel that I formed my own perceptions of “eternal” ideas, and brought them into my earthly conception with the feeling of “owning” the knowledge. To me, “enlightenment is, at its very core, a ‘consciousness’ that intuits or feels insights or wisdoms that causes life to be more workable” and Ormus, either as a form of nutritional or other supplement, appears to help this process. (Snips from Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy)
My heart desire was to learn to collect Ormus myself because I believe knowledge that is known is owned and self-reliance in this matter is of chief importance. In addition, it has been said by some the “the best Ormus is the Ormus you collect yourself.” Within five months, knowledgeable Ormus researchers taught me the Ormus extraction process on “Celtic” sea salt and later a well known alchemist mentored me. With feelings of boundless gratitude for those Ormus teachers, researchers and instructors I had to give back and began teaching “Ormus Lab Days”.
And so, after three years of effort, the treatises (processes) of Ormus extraction and collection were gathered, collated, recorded and filed in my mind.
I felt gloriously content!

And so it was that B. Joy, a friend, having heard about the culmination of my efforts, began a conversation. In this conversation she verbalized how the Ormus community-both current and future-could benefit by having a manual of Ormus collection processes and that I embodied professional training and personal traits to complete such a work. (I am a Pharmacist.)
I mulled over her words and the truth in them as I recalled how I felt back then, as a seeker myself: anticipating, wanting and hoping the way to “workable” knowledge would appear. I can never forget how it feels to yearn for the knowledge of Ormus collection processes.
Therefore, I put aside for a time my hobbies, fired up the word processor and began work on a manual. This work is a contribution to the world such that knowledge of the Ormus collection processes might not perish or degrade. These processes “concentrate” Ormus for collection and the manual details many of them. Contributors to the manual include the teachers researchers and instructors from whom I learned.

Working with Ormus has truly been a great adventure and I consider it the “great work” that has been described by past masters as the ability to control, purify and transform nature by the living power of the spirit (sic: found in all things). — Paracelsus
I hope you also enjoy your Ormus journey!

Chris Emmons RPh
Member: Global Ormus Community.
Author: "Ormus: Modern Day Alchemy"
Primer of Ormus Collection Processes
Reference Edition
"...This work is a contribution to the world such that knowledge
of Ormus collection processes might not perish or degrade. These processes “concentrate” Ormus for collection and this book details many of them